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Each book explores a theme which aims at fostering children’s inner resourcefulness and resilience! And to this end, meditation holds an important place, for it allows the calm necessary to identify one’s feelings and needs so to manage and express them in an healthy way.

Every story is infused with warm images and carefully chosen words designed at allowing the retention of essential points, while facilitating their integration in the children’s reality.

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Father Sun and Mother Earth Create Life Breathing/Finding your rhythm
Breathing is essential to life; conscious breathing is a simple, yet effective way to regain your calm and well-being by finding your body’s rhythm.
Fluffy and the Rainbow in his Heart Meditation/Finding your inner calm
Each one of us has a peaceful place inside their heart. Meditation is a tool that allows you to find your personal space or to go back to it.
Growing up often comes with its share of fears and hesitations. Growing solid roots helps to build and nurture a positive self-confidence.
Colin and Fluffy Become Friends Knowing yourself/Loving and appreciating
Positive self-confidence and self-esteem are the building blocks of healthy relationships; therefore, learning to appreciate who we are is a treasure for life.
Learning to listen to your inner voice and how to trust it, is learning to stay true to yourself in all situations.
Standing up for yourself is not wrong. It is about confidently and respectfully saying what you need to say.
Developing good communication skills also implies expressing your feelings and needs in a respectful manner, which can sometimes be a challenge!
Fluffy Finds his Well-being Self-awareness/Taking responsibility
Growing up is also about becoming more aware of your emotions and learning to manage them responsibly.
Tools of the Heart - Volume 1
Contains the following titles: 1. Father Sun and Mother Earth Create Life / 2. Fluffy and the Rainbow in his Heart / 3. Colin Discovers Confidence / 4. Colin and Fluffy Become Friends
Tools of the Heart - Volume 2
Contains the following titles: 5. The Choice / 6. Colin's Courage / 7. Enough is Enough / 8. Fluffy Finds his Well-being