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New collaborator and first abroad interview

To kick off the new year 2020 in a promising way, Tools of the Heart creator Patrick Arguin experienced his first abroad interview with Jonathan Masiulionis of Empowered Publicity. Based in Buffalo, New York, Mr. Masiulionis is also acting as Tools of the Heart’s publicist for the anglophone market.

During this interview broadcasted live on Facebook on January 6th of 2020, Patrick Arguin spoke about his personal journey, the creative process with his cocreators, as well as the life lessons behind those emotional education books.

This interview is the first of 5 interviews planned for winter/spring 2020. And while he feels in good hands with his new collaborator’s savviness and heart mindedness, Mr. Arguin admits to also being excited and greatful to be given those opportunities of reaching a vaster audience while pursuing his mission of fostering confidence and self-esteem not only for the little children, but for the inner child in each of us as well.