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New collaborator and first abroad interview

To kick off the new year 2020 in a promising way, Tools of the Heart creator Patrick Arguin experienced his first abroad interview with Jonathan Masiulionis of Empowered Publicity. Based in Buffalo, New York, Mr. Masiulionis is also acting as Tools of the Heart’s publicist for the anglophone market.

During this interview broadcasted live on Facebook on January 6th of 2020, Patrick Arguin spoke about his personal journey, the creative process with his cocreators, as well as the life lessons behind those emotional education books.

This interview is the first of 5 interviews planned for winter/spring 2020. And while he feels in good hands with his new collaborator’s savviness and heart mindedness, Mr. Arguin admits to also being excited and greatful to be given those opportunities of reaching a vaster audience while pursuing his mission of fostering confidence and self-esteem not only for the little children, but for the inner child in each of us as well.

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«Tools of the Heart» is Born!

Emilie Ruel, Patrick Arguin and Helen Arnold, on April 16th 2019. Photo Credit: Cristina Ochoa

Michele Rappe, Patrick Arguin et Helene Beaudette, during a launch on Decemeber 18th 2016.

It is with great joy that Outils pour la vie recently published its English book collection under the name «Tools of the Heart», thanks to the collaboration of Bleu Dactylo; a professional translation duo composed of Emilie Ruel and Helen Arnold, combining their individual expertise and common passion for the english language. This collection is truly the result of a wonderful team effort, as it was for its french counterpart.

Originally crafted by a trio extraordinaire of complementary professionals comprising Patrick Arguin for the synopsis and illustrations, Michele Rappe for the texts, and Helene Beaudette for the mentoring, four titles were released in November 2009. Then in December 2016, the complete collection of 8 books and 2 volumes was launched.

Because they are designed as emotional education tools, careful consideration was always placed upon the choice of words. In that regard, Mr. Arguin is proud to think that the English version honours the continuity set forth by the original trio. Also, since Spanish is to be part of Tools of the Heart’s future plans, it is very likely that the same approach will be used.

Outils pour la vie/Tools of the Heart was born from its creator’s wish; to help young children develop a stronger sense of self in order to find the calm, the strength, and the confidence that emerge from within. Set in a visual and literary universe created with the intention of making children feel good, each story explores a theme which aims at fostering children’s inner resourcefulness and resilience!

Other projects are in the works with the collaboration of his partners, such as workshops and guided meditations for children. Moreover, a project such as this one, comprising many aspects and spreading over so many years, could not have been done alone, or without the unyielding support and mentoring he received.

He is really optimistic about future projects and opportunities, for he is still carried by his initial wish of helping children, but also by the value of teamwork and aligning himself with dedicated people; something he is truly grateful for. « Alone we go faster, but together we go farther! »