About us

Tools of the Heart was born out of its creator’s wish; to help young children develop a stronger sense of self in order to find the calm, the strenght, the confidence and the solutions that emerge from within.

Crafted by a trio extraordinaire of complementary professionals, comes the first fruit of their collaboration; the book collection! Set in a visual and literary universe created with the intention of making children feel good, each story explores a theme which aims at fostering children’s inner resourcefulness and resilience!

Other projects are in the making; an audio version of each story, as well as guided meditations.

« Alone, we go faster… Together we go farther! »

The Original French Team

Michele Rappe, Patrick Arguin and Hélène Beaudette, at the collection’s launching, December 18th 2016.

Patrick Arguin
(concept and illustrations)

Patrick Arguin has nurtured a life long passion for illustration, and since 1998, has developed a solid experience as a graphic designer. But Patrick had another passion growing : humans and their well-being! His desire to help others, especially children, was the driving force in conceiving «Tools of the Heart». He now shares his time between his work as a Reiki Master and counsellor, specialized educator, the translation of the books and the preparation of the «Tools of the Heart» workshops.

Michele Rappe
(collaboration and texts)

Born in Belgium and residing permantly in Quebec since 2000, Michele Rappe is, among other things, a professional visual artist. But words have taken the creative lead for the past few years: novellas, stories for children, theater, poetry… It is her passion for writing and her sensitivity that come alive in her texts. She offers writing accompaniment as a public writer.

Helene Beaudette
(support, coaching and collaboration)

Teacher, life coach, personal growth facilitator and Reiki Master, Helene Beaudette offers private counselling and workshops aimed at nurturing one’s well-being. Reiki Master and member of the Reiki Alliance (international community of masters), she teaches and forms future masters. She’s been offering her services since 1998, true to her unwavering humanism and compassion.

The English Translation Team

More to come…