Our reason to be

Through stories and guided meditations intended for young children, we aim to provide tools that will help them develop their inner foundations. Allow them, on a daily basis, to build and maintain a strong sense of confidence and a healthy self-esteem. Those are truly the building blocks of a self-determining and authentic way of being and living.

Wholesale Distribution

Retailers can buy our books directly through our distributor’s global network. I Want to Know!


I really enjoy the illustrations in each of the eight books. They are so vibrant and colorful, which helps to engage the reader in connecting with the flow and pacing of these truly beautiful stories. The heartfelt energy found in the Tools of the Heart series can clearly be seen and felt, making these books must-reads for your child and also the inner child in you.
Jonathan,  Storyteller
Your collection is really exceptional! My 8 year old son still enjoys reading them after all those years. Timeless they are! It's reassuring for children to discover how their resources are within them at all times. Thank you Tools of the Heart! Colin and Fluffy are now part of our lives, as well as our rainbow of wisdom!
Catherine,  Mom

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